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Water purification and the techniques: All you need to know ( Jan 2022)

What is Water Purification??

The growing population, development in the industrial field, degradation in the environment, pollution due to such many other reasons have created the lack of pure and clean water for drinking.

This makes us know about the importance of water purification as well as the best technique to do the same.
The process of extracting or removing the contaminants from raw water to generate the drinking water, which should be pure for human consumption is what we call water purification.

The purification process mainly removes parasites, bacteria, algae, viruses, chemical pollutants from industries, etc. making it pure enough for human consumption. A normal filter cannot remove all contaminants.
Water purifiers work on different technologies, some of them use chemicals and others use an electrostatic charge to kill or capture viruses.

Water Purification Techniques

Purification using Chlorine

Using chlorine was the earliest method for water purification. Chlorine releases hydrochloric acid to kill the microorganisms. This technique is ineffective and has negative health effects.

Activated Carbon Filter
This type of filter purifies soluble gases like chlorine, nitrogen carbon monoxide.
Activated carbon helps to remove chlorine with little degradation or damage to the carbon.

Reverse Osmosis filters
Reverse Osmosis (RO) filters provide multi-stage filtration of water as it combines active carbon and particle filtration.

Tap water is passed through the polymer film/a membrane with a small pore, this weed out minerals and micro-organisms in water. These are flushed out through an outlet pipe.

This purified water is not 100 percent safe, due to the presence of small holes in the membrane.
RO is good for the extreme hardness of the water.

Ultra Violet (UV) filters:

Water is exposed to UV light. UV light deactivates the bacteria and waterborne pathogens up to 99% but it fails to remove suspended particles, chemicals, taste, smell, and color.

UF purification
UF technology uses a membrane very similar to the RO but here the holes or pores are bigger. This membrane removes all colloidal particles but is ineffective to remove the dissolved solids and salts.
Ultra-filtration water purifiers are good unless the water supplied is less hard.
Water purifiers with candle-type filters. The candle comes with minute pores, hence the larger particles get blocked and cannot pass on to the water served for drinking.

This technique work without electricity. The disadvantage is the filter cannot block microbes. The cleaning up of candles frequently is necessary for effective operations.

To Wrap up with the water purification

To conclude ,having knowledge about water purification and also the type of purification that fits your water conditions is essential.
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